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Want to be an ice-cream hero?


Are you a happy maker who loves working with people?

If you love selling (even ice to Eskimos) and think you can be the coolest ice-cream salesperson ever, we would love to talk to you!


What will you do as an ice-cream hero?

You will cycle on the streets of beautiful Cape Town, on the coolest electric-powered ice-bike ever and you will make people happy as your spread the love with our intensely delicious ice-cream. More than just selling, you will spread smiles, start conversations, share happiness and be a top ice-ambassador for de ijsfeits brand.



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Team De ijsfiets


Achmed Sadat

Ice Cream Maniac


Achmed is the founder and co-owner of “de ijsfiets”. He is a maniac when it comes to ice-cream and not easily satisfied. Achmed has a huge passion for african music and loves people. His motto in life is that everyone wants to have ice-cream, but not everyone is aware of that yet!


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  • We use yummy, natural and handmade ice-cream
  • We love mobile eventing. So we come to you. While you chill, we serve
  • Our funky ice bikes create conversation
  • Our happy ice-cream servers scoop up joy at your party
  • We use quality, environment-happy products



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